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AndArt Agency
2 min readNov 30, 2020


Dear Friends,

Today, it is with pleasure that I announce the launch of my new venture AndArt Agency — a creative agency focused on developing synergies between multinational brands and the art world.

The global brand ecosystem is evolving; a staggering number of brands each year are leaving the comfort of their traditional marketing departments and realizing the incredibly powerful effect of collaborations. Industries no longer exist in silos; consumers in the worlds of fashion, watches, jewelry, tech…etc. are no longer satisfied that the products and brands they purchase be emblematic only within their respective industries. Rather, they expect these products and brands to transcend and be recognized far beyond traditional industry bounds.

Collaboration is not the handing-over of a brand to others, it is the recontextualizing of a brand amongst a wider sphere. With its globality and depth, few spheres have as much cultural reach and varied niches than the art world. The world of artists, curators, museums and institutions provides unmatched fertile ground for breeding these collaborations.

Fertile ground isn’t always easy to navigate, though. That’s where we come in. As art world insiders with a global presence (our team is — so far — located on three continents), we at AndArt Agency are in a unique position to develop these synergies and create impactful results for our brands.

Reach out to us if you want to work together, collaborate, or just have some brilliant ideas. We love creative minds and talking about beautiful things.

Looking forward to the journey ahead,

Elliot Safra




AndArt Agency

We are a creative agency focused on unleashing synergies between global brands and the art world. http://www.andart.agency