We spoke with the renowned street artist, Remi Rough, about his collaboration with the Scotch whisky brand, Haig Club. Read on to find out what inspired Remi’s design, his dream collaborations and an exclusive sneak-peak into some of his exciting future projects.

In February, we covered on our Instagram Haig Club’s first artist-designed bottled released in collaboration with one of the most successful urban artists Dean Stockton, better known as D*Face. To learn more, we asked D*Face to share some insights into the collaboration and his work.

This year has given us a lot of brand collaborations. 2020 witnessed all sort of companies pursue this business strategy, from Travis Scott x McDonald’s to Supreme x Colgate and basically everyone in between. Some of the collaborations were extremely successful (Travis Scott actually caused some McDonald’s locations to run an ingredient shortage) and some were less so (Cole Haan x Slack sneakers were released almost three months ago and are still not sold out).

So with all of these collaborations happening, why do some work better than others? …

Dear Friends,

Today, it is with pleasure that I announce the launch of my new venture AndArt Agency — a creative agency focused on developing synergies between multinational brands and the art world.

The global brand ecosystem is evolving; a staggering number of brands each year are leaving the comfort of their traditional marketing departments and realizing the incredibly powerful effect of collaborations. Industries no longer exist in silos; consumers in the worlds of fashion, watches, jewelry, tech…etc. are no longer satisfied that the products and brands they purchase be emblematic only within their respective industries. …

On October 7th, Christie’s auctioned off Ben Gentilli’s artwork ‘Portraits of A Mind: Block 21’ (2020). It made $131,250, reaching more than 7x its high-estimate value of 18k. This marked the first time a major auction house sold an non-fungible token (NFT) work at auction.

Elliot Safra, partner at AndArt Agency, sat down with the artist to discuss the work, the auction, and everything in between. [N.B. Safra, Gentilli, and Christie’s Asian Head of Marketing, Georgina Hilton, will be sitting on a panel together during the upcoming Web3 Forum in Shanghai (Oct 29–30th). …

The Contemporary and Digital Art Fair (CADAF) has dubbed October ‘Digital Art Month’ — and the art world seems to have followed suit.

In the age of COVID-19, it makes sense for Digital Art to have its profile boosted, but just how many things have happened so far this month is astounding even for the most optimistic among us. From multiple digital art fair releases, to the first ever non-fungible token (NFT) sold at a major international auction house (for $131k!), to announcements of institutional investments into the digital art space, the first week of October has been off to…

AndArt Agency

We are a creative agency focused on unleashing synergies between global brands and the art world. http://www.andart.agency

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